Greeting from Lou Mucardo, Founder of Tri4Kids

Hi, I’m Louis Mucardo. Thank you so much for your online visit and I look forward to meeting you in person, as we set a new Guinness Book of World Records title for completing 51 marathons in 51 consecutive days.

Now you might ask, “Why would a 60 year-old man take on such a challenge?’ Well the answer is I want to show everyone that you can set goals and reach for the stars. I also want to help. Specifically this challenge will allow organizations that support childhood disease and healthy youth activities to raise funds. I also want to promote the importance of exercise to young people who may not be naturally athletic so they can gain all the healthy benefits, and keep them away from destructive behaviors. Additionally I want seniors to know that their new chapter of life is full of possibilities, and that the only limits  are the ones they set for themselves.

I don’t expect everyone to do what I’m doing.  I have been a serious athlete my whole life. I am also a proud father of two, manager of the Channel Marker Café, and I competed in 1984 as an Olympian weightlifter, so I have been in training for a long while. I do invite anyone to come and run, bike, or swim along with me, or come meet me at the restaurant. I also ask you to make a small donation, even $5, to Tri4kids.org or to the listed charities and to visit our sponsors too.

Together we will use this epic feat as a way to raise funds, awareness, and have one heck of a good time! Thank you again so much for your visit, and for spreading the word with your friends and family. I’ll be thinking of you all as I set the new world record!!