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Lou Mucardo

Lou Mucardo is a life-long athlete who is setting his sights on a new goal. Beginning June 17, 2017, Mucardo will attempt to earn his place in the Guinness Book of World Records by completing 51 triathlons in 51 days.

This ambitious goal is being fueled by Mucardo’s love of children and desire to raise funds and awareness for childhood diseases and physical fitness, especially for children who are not athletically inclined.

Mucardo, who counts being a 1984 Olympian weightlifter, among his many athletic accomplishments is taking this challenge on as part of his celebration of being 60 years-old; making this project even more impressive. For 51 days, the Montclair University graduate Mucardo will swim one mile, bike 26 miles, and run for 6 miles. After developing the idea, he decided to form the nonprofit organizaionTri4Kids, which will allow eight different child-centric charities the chance to raise funds, piggybacking with his efforts.

A list of the charities is being finalized but to date they include the Boy Scouts of Ocean Counties and the Community YMCA, with additional charities benefiting childhood cancer, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, fitness, and others to be announced.

“There are so many kids out there and I want to help them all! Children facing medical challenges don’t deserve their suffering, and their families go through so much. As an athlete, I also know all the benefits of fitness. There are so many kids who may not be good at sports, so they don’t join a team and every week, they get further and further away from those healthy habits. I want to focus on those kids.”

Mucardo will be taking on the role of manager of the Channel Marker Café, at the Ocean Beach Marina in Lavallette at the same time he undertakes this challenge. He will perform most of his triathlons there, taking advantage of their waterfront location, and he will move to the Community YMCA in Red Bank, and their sister location, Camp Zehnder in Wall in inclement weather.

Each of the charities will get one week to be the spotlight charity, though they can keep raising funds all summer. Each group will develop and promote their own fundraiser, i.e. donating a dollar a day, etc. and they will keep the proceeds on this turnkey event.

In his non-athletic life, Mucardo is a successful restaurateur and owner of The Stadium Café in Secaucus NJ and Marlins Café, in Point Pleasant Beach.

He is the proud father of Jenna and Michael Mucardo and remembers the best day of his life as the day he and son Michael attended Jenna’s graduation from Army basic training.

Mucardo is actively accepting sponsorships for Tri4Kids and looks forward to it being a conduit to raising $100,000 combined funds for the associated charities. The newly launched website, www.tri4kids.org, will include a donation page with profiles on all the charities, a blog, video updates on his accomplishments, and a sponsor page where you can learn more about the many supporting members of the Tri4Kids team, including Brielle Cyclery, The Journal magazines, The Community YMCA, and more being added as well. To get involved, schedule an interview, or attend a triathlon, visit www.tri4kids.org for details.